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Bully (1977) - repro

Mister Lincoln (1980) - repro

Kennedy's Children (1975) = repro

Lyndon (1984) - repro

Jimmy and Billy (off-Broadway) - repro

Jimmy and Billy (off-Broadway) - repro

Purlie Victorious (1961) - repro

Hellzapoppin (Colonial Theater) - repro

Odyssey (Colonial Theater) - repro

In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer (1968 US premiere - repro

In the Matter of J. Robert Oppenheimer (1969 tour) - repro 

In Bed We Cry – repro

Caesar and Cleopatra (1925) - repro

Mary of Scotland (1933) - repro

Mourning Becomes Electra (1931) - repro

Show Boat (1933 tour, Milwaukee) - repro

Point of No Return (1951, Henry Fonda) - repro

So Long, 174th Street (1976) - repro

Ambassador (1972 Broadway) - repro

Nathan Weinstein, Mystic, Connecticut  (1966, repro)

Camelot (1964 London premiere, repro)

Camelot (1975 LA production, Robert Goulet, repro)

Sly Fox (1978 tour, Jackie Gleason, repro)  

Legs Diamond (Peter Allen) - repro 

Rags - repro 

Hello, Dolly! - (Mary Martin, rare 1965 tour Okinawa, Japan) - repro 

Juno and the Paycock (1974, Los Angeles) – repro

An Evening of Gay Opersa (1944) - repro

Funny Girl (1966 version) - repro

Funny Girl (1965 tour) - repro

Durante (1989, closed Los Angeles) - repro

Season in the Sun (1950, Charles Addams art) - repro

Warp (1973, Neal Adams art) - repro

Prettybelle (Boston, 1971, Angela Lansbury) original monochrome version - repro

Smith (1973 off-Broadway) - REPRO of near final art for poster

Crown Matrimonial (1973) - repro

Elizabeth 1 (1972) - repro

Patti LaBelle on Broadway (1984) - repro

Isaac Hayes and Dionne Warwick in Concert (Shubert Theatre, LA) - repro

Barry White in Concert (Shubert Theatre, LA) - repro

Gladys Knight and the Pips on Broadway (1984) - repro

tick, tick...BOOM! (2001 off-Broadway) - repro

F. Jasmine Addams (1971 musical, off-Broadway) repro created from print ad

Company (1971 Bus Card) - repro

Follies (1972 Bus Card) - repro

A Little Night Music (1973 Bus Card) - repro

Mame Combo - repro

Gantry (1970, Robert Shaw, Rita Moreno)- repro

The Time of The Barracudas (1963, Elaine Stritch, closed after LA tryout) - repro

Shelter (1972 musical, tryout) - repro

Dr. O'Hara, It's Your Mother, Mrs. Horowitz, Calling (1968, Jackie Mason Tryout) - repro

The Immoralist (1954, James Dean's second and final Broadway appearance) - repro

On Your Toes (Leslie Caron, short-lived 1984 tour)

And Puppy Dog Tails (1969 off-Broadway) - repro

Blossom Time (1949 tour) - repro

Naughty Marietta (1936 tour) - repro

The Merry Widow (1951 tour) - repro

Hair (Original 1967 Public Theatre production prior to billing changes) - repro)

Of Thee I Sing (1952, revival) - repro

Down to Miami (1944 comedy) - repro

She Loves Me (1963, reviews) 14x20 - framing not available - repro

Roxane (1932, pre-Broadway musical version of "Cyrano de Bergerac". Closed in New Haven) - repro

The Boys From Syracuse (1963, off-Broadway) Quotes version - repro

Candide, Oh Captain! She Loves Me, A Funny Thing, What Makes Sammy Run - (4 Taxi Cards in one print) - repro

Damn Yankees (1956 Ray Walston, tour) - repro

Top Banana (1953 Phil Silvers, tour) - repro

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1951 Carol Channing, tour) - repro

Hit the Deck (1926, tour) - repro

Ziegfeld Follies (1939, tour) - repro

No, No Nanette (1926, tour) - repro

Miss Liberty (1950, tour) - repro

The Boy Friend (1956, tour) - repro

Paint Your Wagon (1952 Burl Ives, tour) - repro

Three to Make Ready (1947 Ray Bolger, tour) - repro

The Bad Seed (1954) - repro

Fun City (1972 tryout, Joan Rivers) - repro

Les Miserables (2001 tour, Boston) - repro

Annie (2006 Tour, Boston) - repro

Hello, Dolly (Mary Martin, London) - repro

Night Watch (1972) Len Cariou, Joan Hackett - repro

Rodgers & Hart (Revue, 1975) - repro

The Women (1973 revival) - repro

The Beard (1967, off-Broadway, created from Tom Morrow's unpublished design) - repro

The Deer Park (1967 off-Broadway, Norman Mailer, Morrow art) - repro

Facade (1967, pre-rehearsal version of "Mata Hari" created from Tom Morrow's art) - repro

The Life (1997) - repro

Two's Company (1952, Bette Davis) - repro

Show Boat (1966, Barbara Cook) - repro

South Pacific (1967, Florence Henderson) - repro

Blithe Spirit (1941, Noel Coward) - repro

Dreamgirls (2nd version of poster, 1984) - repro

Billy (1969) - repro

Veronica's Room (1973) - repro

Stairway to the Stars (1989 London benefit) repro of slightly worn original - repro

The Addams Family (2011 National Tour) - repro

Laurette (1960, Judy Holliday. Closed during New Haven tryout) - repro

Judy Garland at the Met (1959, seven performance concert) - repro

Hot Spot (1963, Washington DC tryout, Judy Holliday) - repro

Scuba Duba (1967, off-Broadway) = repro

Foxy (1964, second version) – repro

My Fair Lady (1961, adapted from 3-sheet design) – repro

Sail Away (1961, second version) – repro

Funny Girl (1966, final version) – repro

Do Re Mi (1961, second version) – repro

The Music Man (1958, second version)) – repro

The Happy Time (1968, first NY version) – repro

How Now, Dow Jones (1968, second version) – repro

Baker Street (1965, second version) – repro

Orlando Furioso (1970) – repro

Carmelina (1979, final Broadway version) - repro

Carmelina (1979 initial version of poster art) - repro

Doctor Jazz - repro

All Kinds of Giants (1961 Off-Broadway musical) - repro

Broadway (1978, closed in Boston) - repro

Broadway, Broadway (1978. closed in Philadelphia) - repro

To Broadway With Love (1964 NY World's Fair, version 2) - repro

Miss Liberty (Broadway) (Repro)

Papa Is All (1942 tour, Chicago) - repro

Candle in the Wind (1941, Helen Hayes) - repro

Mr. Sycamore (1942 Boston tryout) - repro

Beebo Brinker Chronicles (2008, off-Broadway) - repro

Legally Blonde (2007 pre-Broadway tryout) - repro

Little Mary Sunshine (1959 off-Broadway musical) - repro

Red, Hot and Blue (1936, Ethel Merman, Jimmy Durante, Bob Hope, Cole Porter score) - repro

My Favorite Year (1992 musical) - repro

Promises, Promises (London, Betty Buckley) - repro

Horse Eats Hat (1936 WPA Theatre Project, Orson Welles) - repro

Annie Get Your Gun (1957 NBC-TV, Marry Martin & John Raitt) - repro

In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel - repro

The Crucible (1958 off-Broadway revival) - repro

Any Wednesday (1966 London) - repro

A Girl Called Jo (1955 London musical) - repro

Garden District (1958 off-Broadway, Tennessee Williams) - repro

Mr. Pim Passes By (1921 Theatre Guild production) - repro

R.U.R. (1923 Theatre Guild production) - repro

At Mrs. Beam's (1926 Theatre Guild production) - repro

Porgy (1927 Theatre Guild production) - repro

The Doctor's Dilemma  (1927 Theatre Guild production) - repro

Marco Millions  (1928 Theatre Guild production) - repro

The Game of Love and Death (1929 Theatre Guild production) - repro

Roar China (1930 Theatre Guild production) - repro

Reunion in Vienna (1931 Theatre Guild production) - repro

Valley Forge (1934 Theatre Guild production) - repro

Storm Over Patsy (1937 Theatre Guild production) - repro

Light Up The Sky (1948, Moss Hart comedy) - repro

Fiddler On The Roof & Cabaret (1967, combo subway card) - repro

Gypsy (1959, Ethel Merman, pre-opening subway card) - repro

The Nervous Set (1959, Jules Feiffer art) - repro

The Matchmaker & Fanny  (1955, combo subway card) - repro

Harold (1962, Anthony Perkins) - repro

Windy City (1946 New Haven tryout, closed on the road) - repro

The Frogs (Sondheim, European Premiere) - repro

A Little Night Music (London revival, version 1, Judi Dench) - repro

Cafe Puccini (London musical) - repro

ERB (London musical) - repro

Liza in Concert (London, original)very limited supply

My Fair Lady (London, revival) - repro

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (London premiere) - repro

Oh! Calcutta! (London premiere) - repro

They're Playing Our Song (London Cast) - repro

The Chocolate Soldier (1947 national tour) - repro

Darkness at Noon (1951, Claude Rains) - repro

Elsa Lanchester Herself (1961, off-Broadway, Hirschfeld art) - repro

Farewell, Farewell Eugene (1960 comedy, George Price art) - repro

Bonanza Bound (1947 tryout, closed Philadelphia. Hirschfeld art.) - repro

Pleasure Dome (1955 musical tryout, Kaye Ballard. Closed in rehearsals.) - repro

The Liar (1950 musical) - repro

Sailor's Delight (1955 Eva Gabor, closed in tryouts) - repro

I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1962) - repro

Lido (Paris revue) 1973 production of "Grand Jeu" - repro 
I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1962 national tour) - repro

Hello, Dolly! (1966 national tour, Carol Channing) - repro

Little Me (1964 national tour, Sid Caesar) - repro

The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1962 national tour, Tammy Grimes) - repro

Chicago (1977 national tour) - repro

Half a Sixpence (1966 national tour, Hilary Knight art) - repro

Stop the World I Want To Get Off (1963 national tour, Joel Grey)- repro

Zorba (1970 national tour, John Raitt, Chita Rivera) - repro

Show Boat (1956 Jones Beach) - repro

A View From The Bridge (1965 Off-Broadway revival) - repro

Mame (1969 tour, Janet Blair & Elaine Stritch) - repro

Louisiana Purchase / Panama Hattie (1940, Ethel Merman) - repro

The Saturday Night Kid (1957 tryout, Shelley Winters. Closed Philadelphia) - repro

Clutterbuck (1949, early David Merrick credit) - repro

Marlene Dietrich (1972, London) - repro

La Vie Parisienne (1945 national tour) - repro

The Lady from Paris (1950 tryout, closed Philadelphia) - repro

A Highland Fling (1944, George Abbott) - repro

Helen Goes to Troy (1944) - repro

The Red Mill (1945 revival) - repro

Dancing in the Chequered Shade (1955, closed in Boston) - repro

How I Wonder (1947) - repro

Inside U.S.A.  (1948) - repro

Watch on the Rhine (1941, Lillian Hellman) - repro

Wedding Breakfast (1954) - repro

Present Laughter (1946 revival, Charles Addams art) - repro

Rattle of a Simple Man (1963, Tammy Grimes, alternate version) Framing not available. 14"x14" - repro

A Swim in the Sea (1958, closed in Philadelphia) - repro

Alice in Wonderland (1947)) - repro

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1956 tour) - repro

Command Decision (1947) - repro

Ned Wayburn Revue (1926 Tour) - repro

Look Back in Anger (1957) - repro

Maiden Voyage (1957, closed in Philadelphia) - repro

Me and Molly (1948, Don Freeman art) - repro

A Mighty Man is He (1959 tryout) - repro

Listen to the Mocking Bird (1959, closed in DC) - repro

Only the Heart (1944, Horton Foote) - repro

The Pink Elephant (1953, Steve Allen) - repro

Remains To Be Seen (1951, Charles Addams art) - repro

Sabrina Fair (1953) - repro

The Sleeping Prince (1956) - repro

Small Wonder (1948, Gower Champion) - repro

Starward Ark (1958, Harry Blackstone, closed in DC) - repro

Summer and Smoke (1948, Tennessee Williams) - repro

Tall Story (1959) - repro

Gay Divorce (1960 off-Broadway musical) - repro

Fortune and Men's Eyes (1967, off-Broadway) - repro

Curly McDimple (1968 cast, off-Broadway) - repro

Play Memory (1984, James McMullan art) - repro

Allah Be Praised! (1944 musical) - repro

Arsenic and Old Lace (1943 national tour, Bela Lugosi) - repro

Bal Negre (1946, Katherine Dunham) - repro

Barefoot Boy with Cheek (1947, Nancy Walker, Red Buttons) - repro

Bloomer Girl (1949, Vivian Blaine. Flatbush stop of the "Subway Circuit" tour) - repro

Deep are the Roots (1945 play, Elia Kazan) - repro

Early to Bed (1944, Fats Waller. Flatbush stop of the "Subway Circuit" tour) - repro

Finian's Rainbow (1950, Don Freeman art. Flatbush stop of the "Subway Circuit" tour) - repro

Glad to See You (1944 tryout, Jule Styne & Sammy Cahn. Closed in Boston.) - repro

Hilda Crane (1950 play, Jessica Tandy) - repro

In Gay New Orleans (1946 tryout. Closed in Boston.) - repro

Misalliance (1953, David Klein art) - repro

Miss Lonelyhearts (1957) - repro

The Male Animal (1940 comedy, James Thurber) - repro

She Would Be A Soldier (1974 off-Broadway tryout. Re-opened off-B'way in 1977 as "Castaways") - repro

Tomorrow the World (1944, WWII-themed drama) - repro

Too Many Girls (1940 tour, Rodgers,Hart & Abbott and Desi Arnaz) - repro

Two On The Aisle (1951, Bert Lahr. Ad for cast album using window card art.) - repro

Years Ago (1946 play, Ruth Gordon. Don Freeman art) - repro

Death of A Salesman (1949 Broadway w/art) - repro

Do Re Mi (1960, Phil Silvers) - repro

Christine (1960, Maureen O'Hara) - repro

Beg, Borrow and Steal (1960, Betty Garrett) - repro

Oh, Kay (1960, off Broadway revival) - repro

Greenwich Village U.S.A. (1960, off-Broadway revue) - repro

Death of a Salesman (1949, tryout art. Only version printed with full NY credits.) - repro

The Lark (1955, Julie Harris, Boris Karloff) - repro

Comes A Day (1958 tryout) - repro

Jesus Christ Superstar (1971 concert, touring concurrently to the Broadway musical's premiere) - repro

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1976 NY premiere at BAM) - repro

Irma La Douce (1960, unused poster art) - repro

The Command To Love (1927) - repro

The Royal Family (1927) taken from Herald – repro

Three After Three (1940 musical, tryout version of "Walk With Music") from Herald - repro

Children! Children! (1972, Gwen Verdon) - repro

Cheri (1959 pre-Broadway tryout) - repro

Destry Rides Again (1959, 2nd version, 14x22 horizontal) - repro

Sisters of Mercy (1973 off-Broadway Leonard Cohen revue) - repro

Company (1972 London) - repro

Dial M for Murder (1952) - repro

Dream Girl (1947 tour) - repro

The Rose Tattoo (1952 tour) - repro

Make Mine Manhattan (1948 Broadway, Sid Caesar) - repro

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1955, Jayne Mansfield, Walter Matthau, Orson Bean) - repro

Candida (1952) Olivia de Havilland - repro

The Visitor (1944 drama) - repro

Jimmy (1969, full credits) – repro

Sherry (1967, tryout) - repro

Jimmy (1969, full credits) – repro

The Conquering Hero (1961, Bob Fosse) - repro

Fiddler on the Roof (5th Year) - repro

Oklahoma! (1952 national tour) - repro

The Leaf People (1975, available as window card for the first time using front-of-house display art) - repro

The Cradle Will Rock (1941 Mercury Theatre, Orson Welles) - repro

Sally (1948 revival) - repro

Anya (Collectors)

Leonard Bernstein's Theatre Songs (1965, off-Broadway revue) - repro

Thieves (1974, Michael Bennett & Valerie Harper, pre-tryout credits) - repro

Thieves (1974, Charles Grodin & Marlo Thomas, post-tryout credits) - repro

Sweet Charity (1967 Verdon & Fosse, 2nd Year) - repro

A Chorus Line (Vienna, 1987) - repro

Fun Time (1945, Martha Raye, San Francisco tryout) - repro

The Fighting Cock (1959) - repro

Aspects of Love (1991, Sarah Brightman) - repro

High Kickers (1941, Sophie Tucker, tryout) - repro

With A Silk Thread (1950 drama) - repro

To Be Continued (1952 comedy) - repro

Assassins (1990 off-Broadway, logo art with added credits) - repro SALE

The Skin of Our Teeth (1955 revival, Helen Hayes, Mary Martin & George Abbott) - repro

True West (1982 off-Broadway) - repro

Big Bad Mouse (1974 tour) - repro

De La Guarda (off-Broadway) - repro

Me and Julie (Boston) - repro

The Beauty Part (1962, Bert Lahr) - repro

George Washington Slept Here (1940, Kaufman & Hart) - repro

Margin for Error (1939, Clare Boothe) - repro

Witness for the Prosecution (1954, Agatha Christie) - repro

Leader of the Pack (1985) - repro

Kiss Me Kate (Mitchell and Mazzie) - repro

Promises, Promises (1971, Third Year) - repro

Goodbye, Charlie (1959, Lauren Bacall) - repro

Cafe Crown (1942, play) - repro 

Cafe Crown (1964, musical version of play) - repro

Dance in the Chequered Shade (1955, closed after Boston tryout) - repro  

The Pink Jungle (1959, closed in Boston) - repro

Destry Rides Again (1959, horizontal version) – repro

By Jupiter (1967, off-Broadway revival) - repro

The Girl in Pink Tights (1954, Broadway version) - repro

Joan of Lorraine (1946, Ingrid Bergman) – repro

The Boy Friend (1954, Julie Andrews and full credits)  - repro

3 For Tonight (1955, Harry Belafonte, Gower Champion) – repro

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1951, Broadway)  - repro

Ziegfeld Follies (1957, second version poster) – repro

Make A Wish (1951, Nanette Fabray, Broadway)  - repro

The Lion in Winter (1966, created from original display ad) - repro

Windy City (1982 London) - repro

Acting Company (1973, Patti LuPone Broadway debut) - repro

Sugar (1972, color with credits) - repro

Grand Hotel (1991 Berlin production) - repro

Tovarich (1963, Vivien Leigh, first version) - repro

The Curse of Kulyenchikov (1981, Neil Simon. Tryout of "Fools") - repro

Three Wishes for Jamie (1952, John Raitt, Anne Jeffreys) - repro

Seesaw (1974 tour, John Gavin, Lucie Arnaz) - repro

Seesaw (1974 tour, John Raitt and Liz Torres) - repro

Knickerbocker Holiday (1938 musical) - repro

Walking Happy (1966, preliminary cast) - repro

Oliver! (1962 US premiere, San Francisco tryout) - repro

Promises, Promises (1968 Boston Tryout) - repro

Dancing in the Streets (1943 tryout flop, Mary Martin) - repro

I Can Get It For You Wholesale (1962, initial art - later dropped) - repro

The Scottsboro Boys - repro

On The Town (1971 revival, Bernadette Peters) – repro

Sadie Thompson (1944 musical) - repro

Sandhog (1954 off-Broadway musical, Jack Cassidy) - repro

Arturo Ui (1963, Christopher Plummer) - repro

Lorenzo (1963, Alfred Drake, Tom Morrow art) - repro

Venus at Large (1962, Tom Morrow art) - repro

Saratoga (1959, text version) - repro

All in Love (1961 off-Broadway) - repro

Forever Plaid - repro

King of Hearts (1978 Broadway version) - repro

They're Playing Our Song (Original Broadway) – repro

Jacobowsky and the Colonel (1944, Hirschfeld art) – repro

The Iceman Cometh (1946 premiere, Eugene O'Neill) - repro

Janus (1955 Margaret Sullavan, Robert Preston) - repro

Gigi (1951, Audrey Hepburn) - repro

The Willow and I (1942, Gregory Peck) repro - repro

A Hatful of Rain (1956, Steve McQueen) - repro

Hello, Dolly! (1964-1970 Grid) – repro (special price)

A Taste of Honey (Angela Lansbury, 1960 LA tryout) - repro

South Pacific (London 1951, Mary Martin) - repro 

Bus Stop (1955, Kim Stanley, Elaine Stritch) - repro

Fiddler on the Roof (1964 tryout, 1st poster) – repro

Company (Boston Tryout at Shubert) – repro

Pacific Overtures (1975 Boston tryout) - repro

Donnybrook! (1961, using color illustration & revised title treatment) - repro

Regina (1949, Marc Blitzstein) - repro

Brigadoon (1947 original) - repro

Sandra Bernhard: Without You I'm Nothing - repro

Spamalot - repro

The Desk Set (1955, Shirley Booth) - repro

Howie (1958 comedy) - repro

Holiday for Lovers (1957, Don Ameche) - repro

A Majority of One (1959 comedy) - repro

The Man in the Dog Suit (1958 tryout art) - repro

Nature's Way (1957, Herman Wouk) - repro

I am A Camera (1951, Julie Harris) - repro

Compulsion (1957 drama) - repro

The Cave Dwellers (1957, William Saroyan) - repro

A Hole in the Head (1957 comedy) - repro

Orpheus Descending (1957 Tennessee Williams) - repro

Waiting for Godot (1957 revival) - repro

A Month of Sundays (1951, closed in Philadelphia, hand-painted billing board) - repro

Du Barry Was A Lady (1939 Merman, Lahr & Porter, window card created from vintage flyer) - repro

Shootin' Star (1946 Billy the Kid musical, window card created from vintage flyer) - repro

Crazy with the Heat (1941 revue, window card created from vintage flyer) - repro

Life Begins at 8:40 (1935, Bert Lahr, Ray Bolger, tour) - repro

Carib Song (1945 musical, window card created from vintage flyer) - repro

Look, Ma, I'm Dancin'! (1948, Walker, Robbins, Abbott) - repro
Lestat (With credits) - repro

Pins & Needles (1939 tour) - repro

La Strada (1969 musical, rejected submission) - repro

Canterbury Tales (1969, Broadway) - repro

The Leading Lady (1948 Ruth Gordon, Boston tryout) - repro

Wings Over Europe (1930 Theatre Guild, tour) - repro

Breakfast at Tiffany's (1966, Mary Tyler Moore, credits added) - repro

The Baker's Wife (1976, Los Angeles tryout) - repro

Rondelay (1969 off-Broadway) - repro

The Amazing Adele (1956, closed Boston, Tammy Grimes, David Klein art) - repro

Strip For Action (1956, closed Pittsburgh) - repro

1491 (1969, LA tryout, John Cullum, Chita Rivera, poster based on souvenir program) - repro

Carnival - repro

Dear World (Angela Lansbury, 1st version before personnel changes) - repro

The Human Comedy - repro

Aspects of Love (1st Broadway version, originally printed on linen paper) - repro

Jack Benny (1964, Ziegfeld Theatre) - repro

Days Without End (1934, Eugene O'Neill) - repro

Othello (1943, Paul Robeson) - repro

Juarez and Maximilian (1926) - repro

The Moon in the Yellow River (1932) - repro

The Guardsman (1924) - repro

The Amorous Flea (1964, off-Broadway) - repro 

Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole (1961) - repro

Conversation Piece (1957, off-Broadway) - repro

In Gay Company (1975, off-Broadway) - repro

Romulus (1962, Gore Vidal) - repro

P.S. Your Cat Is Dead (1975) - repro

The Phantom of the Opera (original 1988 German production) – repro

Show Boat  (Jones Beach, 1957) - repro

Song of Norway (Jones Beach, 1958) - repro

Song of Norway (Jones Beach, 1959) - repro

Hit the Deck (Jones Beach, 1960) - repro

Life with Father (1939, Broadway's longest-running play) - repro

The Front Page (1929 tour) - repro

Sherlock Holmes (1930 tour) - repro

It Happens on Ice (1940) 1st Edition - repro

It Happens on Ice (1940) 2nd Edition - repro

West Side Story (World premiere, Sondheim & Bernstein share credit for lyrics) - repro

Invitation to a March (Shelley Winters, Jane Fonda, Sondheim original music) - repro

A Little Night Music (1978 Norwegian production) - repro

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (New Haven tryout) - repro

Follies (1972 Los Angeles production, original cast) - repro

Anyone Can Whistle (Philadelphia tryout) - repro

High Spirits - repro

FDR - repro

How To Steal An Election - repro

Macbird! - repro /td>

An Evening with Richard Nixon and... - repro

Theatre of the Eye (La Mama, off-Bway)(Rare poster from one of Tom Eyen's experimental off-Broadway shows) - repro

2008 1/2: A Spaced Oddity (1974 off-Bway musical)(Rare poster from one of Tom Eyen's experimental off-Broadway shows) - repro

Caution, A Love Story (1969 off-Bway)(Rare poster from one of Tom Eyen's experimental off-Broadway shows) - repro

The Dirtiest Show in Town (1970 off-Bway, premiere version)(Rare poster from one of Tom Eyen's experimental off-Broadway shows) - repro

Miss Nefertiti's Regrets (1965 off-Bway, Bette Midler NY debut)(Rare poster from one of Tom Eyen's experimental off-Broadway shows) - repro

The Visit (1958) - repro

Ah, Wilderness! (revival, 1941) – repro

The Disenchanted (1958) – repro

Timbuktu (Washington DC tryout, 1978)

Kean (1961) – repro

Catch Me If You Can (play, 1965) – repro

The Pirates of Penzance (1980) – repro

My Fair Lady (revival, 1976) – repro

A Loss of Roses (1959) – repro

The Wild Party (Off-Broadway 2000, Andrew Lippa, Idina Menzel) - repro


Alphabetical Listing

The Act (Liza Minnelli)

Aint Broadway Grand (vintage)

Ain't Misbehavin' (Best Musical)(Repro)

Ain't Misbehavin' (Nell Carter)

All-American (repro)

All My Sons (original, photo repro)

All Summer Long (1954, repro)

Allegro (Repro)

An Evening with Bea Lillie (1953 national tour) repro

Anatol (1961, Boston tryout) - repro

Angels in America

Angels in America, Parastroika

Annie Get Your Gun (Ethel Merman 1946) repro

Annie Get Your Gun (Ethel Merman 1966) repro

Annie 2

Annie Warbucks (Off-Broadway sequel to Annie) repro

Auntie Mame (Rosalind Russell, vintage repro)

Any Wednesday (vintage)

Anyone Can Whistle (Original)

Anything Goes

Anything Goes (1962 revival)

Applause (Lauren Bacall)

The Apple Tree (original, repro)

Arabian Nights (Jones Beach, 1954) repro

Ari (repro)

Arms & the Girl (1950 Broadway, repro)

Arms and the Girl (repro)

Arsenic and Old Lace


Assassins (original, Playwrights Horizons)

The Athenian Touch (1964 off-Broadway musical) - repro

Away We Go! (1943, pre-Broadway title of Oklahoma!) repro

Baker Street (Repro)

The Baker's Wife (1976 B'way poster that never was, created using Boston and DC tryout display ads.) repro


Ballad for a Firing Squad (vintage, repro)

Ballet Ballads (1950, Los Angeles) - repro

Barefoot in the Park (1963, Robert Redford, Neil Simon) - repro

Becket (original, photo repro)

The Beast in Me (repro)

Belle Starr (London, 1969, repro)

Best Friend (1976) repro

Bette Midler's Clams on the Half Shell Review

Bells are Ringing (Judy Holliday, vintage repro)

Ben Franklin in Paris (1964, repro)

Ben-Hur (Vintage)

Best Foot Forward (Off-Broadway revival, 1963; Liza Minnelli's professional debut) repro

The Best Man (1960 premiere, repro)

Betrayal (Revival) repro

Billy Bishop Goes To War (1980) - repro

Blood Red Roses (1970) - repro

Blue Man Group ("Tubes") - repro

The Body Beautiful

Boccaccio (1975) - repro

Borstal Boy (Repro)

Borstal Boy (Best Play, Repro)

Bounce (Sondheim)

Bounce (Washington DC tryout) with credits, repro

The Boy Friend (1954 poster art, cast album) repro

The Boyfriend (repro)

The Boys in the Band (1968 off-Broadway, repro)

The Broadway Stage (vintage)

Bravo Giovanni (vintage)

Brighton Beach Memoirs

Buyer & Cellar (Off-Broadway 2013)

Buck White (Muhammad Ali musical, 1969, repro)

By the Beautiful Sea (vintage repro)

Bye Bye Birdie (original cast 1960, repro)

Bye Bye Birdie (Repro)

Bye Bye Birdie (1992 Colonial Theatre revival tour)

Cabaret (original)

Cabaret (Joel Grey)

Call Me Madam (Repro)

Call Me Mister (1946) repro

Camelot (Original) (Repro)

Can Can

Candide (vintage)

Carnival in Flanders (repro)

Carrie (London, vintage repro)

Carousel (Hugh Jackman, Audra McDonald, John Raitt, Carnegie Hall Concert, Repro)

Casper (with Chita Rivera, Dallas, 1999) repro

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Burl Ives)

Celebration (1969, repro) 

The Chalk Garden (1955 Philadelphia tryout) repro

Chicago (Original)

The Children's Hour (1952 revival) repro

Chours Line (Original) (Repro)

A Chorus Line ("Singular Sensation", during first original NY run) - repro

A Chorus Line (First poster for Broadway, 1975) - repro

Closer Than Ever (1989 off-Broadway, repro)

The Cocoanuts (1927 tour, Marx Brothers) - repro

The Cocktail Party (vintage, repro)

Colette (repro)

Come Summer (Ray Bolger, Original Repro)

Comedians (1976, McMullan art) - repro

Comedy (1972 closed in Boston) - repro

Company (Original, repro)

The Crucible (original, photo repro)

Cry For Us All (Original)

Can Can (original, repro)


Coco (tour, repro)

Colette (repro)

The Consul (1950, repro)

Copper and Brass (vintage)

Crazy For You (Repro)


Dames at Sea (repro)

Damn Yankees(Original)(Repro)

Damn Yankees (Original, Gwen Verdon)(Repro)

Dance With Me (1975) - repro

Darling of the Day (vintage, repro)

The Day Before Spring (1945, Lerner & Loewe) - repro

A Day in Hollywood, Night in the Ukraine (repro)

Dear Oscar (1972) - repro

Dear World (Repro)

Desperate Hours (original, photo repro)

Destry Rides Again

Diamonds (1984 off-Broadway revue) - repro

Do I Hear a Waltz

Donnybrook! (original 1961, repro)

Drat the Cat (Repro)

Dreamgirls (1981 original cast) - repro

Elliott Loves (1990 off B'way, Jules Feiffer, Mike Nichols) - repro

The Entertainer (vintage, repro)

Ernest in Love (Vintage)

Ethel Merman

An Evening with Nichols and May - repro

Evita (1979 US premiere, repro)

Fade In Fade Out (Original)

Falsettos – repro

A Family Affair (repro)

Fanny (repro)

The Fantasticks (vintage repro)

The Fantasticks (1960 original cast, quotes) - repro

Far from Heaven (Williamstown tryout, 2012) repro

Fools (1981, John Rubinstein, Neil Simon) - repro

Four On A Garden (Carol Channing) – repro

From A to Z (1960, repro)

Fences (Denzel Washington)

Festival (1979 off-Broadway) repro

Fiddler on the Roof (original)

Fiddler on the Roof (Topol, Broadway, vintage repro)

Fiddler on the Roof (Tour, Repro)

Fig Leaves Are Falling (repro)

Finian's Rainbow (1947, repro)

Fiorello! (repro)

First Impressions (Original Repro)

Flahooley (Broadway, 1951) - repro

Flahooley (tryout, repro)

Flora the Red Menace

Flower Drum Song (Original Repro)

Follies (Original, Repro)

Follies (Long Beach, repro)

Follies (LA, repro)

Follies (1971 Colonial Theatre tryout)

For Colored Girls – repro

42nd Street (original) - repro

Foxy (1964, Bert Lahr) repro

Forum (Original)(Repro)

Forum (Nathan Lane, repro)

Funny Girl (Original)(Repro)

The Fourposter (1951 repro)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (Carol Channing, vintage repro)

George M (vintage, repro)

Georgy (Original)

The Girl From Nantucket (1945, New Haven tryout) - repro

The Girl in the Pink Tights (repro)

The Girl Who Came to Supper (1963, repro)

The Girls Against the Boys (Bert Lahr, vintage repro)

The Glass Menagerie (Original, vintage)

God of Carnage (Northern Stage, Vermont)

Going Up (1976 revival) - repro

The Golden Apple (Repro)

Golden Boy (1964, Sammy Davis, tryout version) repro

Golden Rainbow (original, repro)

Goldilocks (Repro)

Gone with the Wind (musical)

The Grass Harp (1971 musical, repro, printed for the first time ever using 1971 original, unproduced artwork)

The Great White Hope (original, photo repro)

Grease (original, vintage repro)

Greenwich Village Follies (1919, repro)

Greenwillow (repro)

The Grass Harp (play, repro)

Guys and Dolls (1976) – repro

Guys and Dolls (1953, London) repro

Guys and Dolls (Original)

Gypsy (Original) (Repro)

Gypsy (Tyne Daly)

Gyspsy (Angela Lansbury, repro)

Hair (Original, Repro)

Half Sixpense (Original Repro)

Hallelujah Baby (repro, Leslie Ugams)

Hallelujah Baby (repro, Ugams, Billy D Williams)

Hamlet (Richard Burton)

Hard Job Being God (1972) - repro

Happiest Girl in the World (Cyril Richard, vintage repro)

Happy Hunting (Ethel Merman, vintage repro)

Happy Time (Original poster artwork created in 1968, repro)

Happy Time (Robert Goulet, vintage)

Happy Town (1959, Broadway) – repro

Hazel Flagg (Repro)

Heathen! (Repro)

The Heiress (1949 tour) repro

Henry Sweet Henry (Repro)

Hello, Dolly (1967, "Uncle Sam") – repro

Hello Dolly! (original)

Hello Dolly (Ethel Merman)

Hello Dolly (Pearl Baily)

Hellzapoppin '67 (Tryout, Morrow art) - repro

Here's Love (tryout, 1963) repro

High Button Shoes (1949, Broadway Theatre) repro

High Button Shoes (repro)

Hot September (vintage)

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2006, repro)

How to Succeed in Business (original, repro)

House of Flowers (vintage)

I Can Get (original artwork or a poster for the 1962 musical -repro

I Had a Ball (Vintage)

I Married an Angel (Repro)

I Remember Mama (repro)

I Do! I Do! (Mary Martin, vintage repro)

I Do I Do (Mary Martin, Robert Preston, repro) photo version

Look Homeward, Angel (1957, Anthony Perkins) - repro

If Love Were All

Inherit the Wind (1955) - repro

Into the Light (vintage, 1986)

Into the Woods (original)

The Invention of Love

Irene (Debbie Reynolds, Gower Champion, Broadway) – repro


JB (vintage, repro)

Jennie (1963, repro)

John Murray Anderson's Almanac (1953) repro

A Joyful Noise (1966, using original full color design) repro

Judith Anderson as Hamlet (repro)

Judy Garland At Home At the Palace (Repro)

Kean (pre opening) repro

Kicks & Co. (rare 1961 pre-Broadway flop) - repro

Kismet (1953 original cast) repro

Kiss of the Spider Woman (original, Chita Rivera, repro)

Juno (original, repro)

King of Hearts (1978 Colonial Theatre tryout)

Kiss Me Kate (Original, pre-Broadway (Repro)

Kiss Kiss Me, Kate (1948 original) - repro

Kelly - repro

The Knack (1964, off-Broadway) - repro

Knickerbocker Holiday (vintage, repro)

Kwamina (vintage, repro)

La Cage Aux Folles (original cast)

La Strada (original, repro)

Lady Day, a Musical Tragedy (1972 off-Broadway) - repro

Lady in the Dark (Gertrude Lawrence) (Repro)

The Laramie Project (Repro)

The Last Night of Ballyhoo (Repro)

Lemon Sky (1970 off-Broadway) repro

The Lieutenant (vintage repro)

Li'l Abner (Repro)

Look Homeward, Angel (1957, Anthony Perkins) - repro

Louisiana Purchase (1941 Orig B'way Cast in Chicago) repro

Little Me (Original (Repro)

A Little Night Music (Original, Repro)

A Little Night Music (London, repro)

A Little Night Music (Judi Dench, Royal National Theatre, 15" x 21 1/2", repro)

A Little Night Music (1973 Colonial Theatre tryout)

Little Shop of Horrors (original)

Love Match (1968 Los Angeles tryout) - repro

Love Match (1969, Detroit tryout & Broadway cancelled) - repro

Lunch Hour (1980, Gilda Radner, Sam Waterston) - repro

Maggie (1953) - repro

La Grosse Valise – repro

Liza's Back (Beacon Theatre)

Liza with a Z (TV special, repro)

Lolita, My Love (repro)

Look To The Lillies (Original)

Lost in the Stars (1949, repro)

Louisiana Purchase (1940, Irving Berlin) repro

Love Life (vintage, repro)

The Loves of Cass McGuire (1966, repro)

Luv - (1964, Eli Wallach) - repro

Make Mine Manhattan (1948, Sid Caesar, tryout) repro

M Butterfly (original, photo repro)

Mack & Mable (original, repro)

Mae West as Diamond Lil (repro)

Magdalena (1948, John Raitt) repro

Maggie Flynn (vintage repro)

Mame (Angela Lansbury)

Mamma Mia! (2001 pre-Broadway tour) repro

Mamma Mia (2001 initial Broadway poster) - repro

Man of La Mancha (Richard Kiley, original, Washington Square) – repro

Man of La Mancha (1972 Lincoln Center revival, original stars) repro

Man of La Mancha (Revival, Opening) - repro

Man on the Moon (1975, Andy Warhol produced) - repro

Mary C. Brown and the Hollywood Sign (1972 LA tryout) repro from creased original, shipped rolled on heavy art paper

Marate Sade (original, photo repro)

The Marriage Go Round (Boyer, Colbert, repro)

Marilyn (collectors)

A Matter Of Position (1962, Nichols & May, closed out-of-town) - repro

Mata Hari (vintage, repro)

The Matchmaker

Me and Juliet (Repro)

Me and My Girl (Jim Dale)

Me and My Girl (Robert Lindsay)

Merrily We Roll Along (2013 London) - repro

Mexican Hayride (vintage)

Milk and Honey (1961, repro)

Minnie's Boys (repro)

The Miracle Worker (original, photo repro)

Miss Liberty (Philadelphia tryout) (Repro)

Miss Saigon (Repro)

Mr. President (repro)

Molly (vintage)

Moon for the Misbegotten (Revival, Kevin Spacey) (Repro)

Mr. Wonderful (Sammy Davis Jr., repro)

Most Happy Fella (Original)

A Mother's Kisses (vintage)

Mourning Pictures(1974 play with music)- repro

The Mousetrap (First US Production, 1960, repro)

The Music Man (original)

My Fair Lady (original, vintage)

My One and Only (Red)

New Girl in Town (Gwen Verdon, vintage repro)

Nick & Nora

Nicholas Nickleby (original, photo repro)

A Night in Venice (Jones Beach, 1953) repro

The Night of the Iguana (1961) repro

Nine (Repro)

No Strings (Repro)

No Time for Sergeants (Vintage 1955, repro)

The Nutty Professor (2012 pre-Broadway, repro)

The Odd Couple (1965, Walter Matthau, Art Carney, Neil Simon) - repro

Oh Captain! (Repro)

Oh Men!, Oh Women! (Thurber, vintage classic)

Oklahoma! (original)

Oklahoma! (1979 Revival)

Oklahoma! (1969 Lincoln Center revival) repro

Oliver (Original) (Repro)

On a Clear Day (Repro)

On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1965 Colonial Theatre tryout)

On the Town (Original Cast) (Repro)

On the Town (Original) (Repro)

On The Town (Revival)(Repro)

On Your Toes (original, vintage repro)

Up In Central Park (1948, repro)

Once Upon a Mattress (original, vintage repro)

Ondine (Audrey Hepburn) (Repro)

One Night Stand (1980, closed in previews) repro

One Touch of Venus (Repro)

Once On This Island (original, repro)

110 in the Shade (Original, Repro)

Opera Comique (repro)

Over Here! (1974, Andrews Sisters) - repro

Pal Joey (Original) (Repro)

Paint Your Wagon (repro)

The Pajama Game (original, repro)

Parade (Original) (Repro)

Paradise Island (Jones Beach, 1961) repro

The Passion of Josef D.

A Patriot for Me (repro)

Peter Pan (1950, Arthur, Karloff, Bernstein, Illustrated) - repro

Peter Pan (1950, Arthur, Karloff, Bernstein) - repro

Peter Pan (Original) (Repro)

Picnic (1953, Paul Newman) - repro

Pickwick (1965 pre-Broadway tryout, repro)

Pipe Dream (Repro)

Pippin (1972) - repro

Plain and Fancy (repro)

Play it Again Sam (Repro)

Plaza Suite (1968, George C. Scott, Neil Simon) - repro

Pleasures and Palaces (1965, Bob Fosse, Frank Loesser, closed during tryout) – repro

Portofino (vintage, repro)

Pousse Cafe (repro)

Prettybelle (NY poster as it might have been, created using Marvin's color art)

The Prisoner of Second Avenue (1971, Peter Falk, Neil Simon) - repro

Promenade (1969, repro)

Promises, Promises (original, repro)

Promises, Promises (Repro)

Purlie (repro)

Pygmalion (1926 revival) - repro

Rachael Lily Rosenbloom (Original 1973)

Ragtime (pre-Broadway, Los Angeles, full credits) repro

Ragtime (Toronto)

The Rainmaker

Raisin (repro)

A Raisin in the Sun (Original (Repro)

A Rainy Day in Newark (vintage, 1963)

Relatively Speaking

The Red Shoes (vintage)

Redhead (Repro)


Ride the Winds (1974) - repro

The Rink (repro)

The River Niger (original, photo repro)

Road Show (off-Broadway 2008, Sondheim, signed) repro

The Robber Bridegroom (1976, full credits) Repro

Roman Holiday (2012 Guthrie Theatre)

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (tour, repro)

The Rothschilds (Opening Night, repro)

Royal Flush (1964, Eddie Foy, Kaye Ballard, closed during tryout) - repro

Rumple (1957) repro

Rur (vintage repro)

Sail Away (vintage, repro)

Saint Joan (National Actors Theatre)

The Saint of Bleecker Street (1954) repro

St. Louis Woman (1946) repro

Sarava - repro

Satchmo (1987 tryout, closed in Boston) - repro

Save The Theatres (1983) repro

Say, darling (vintage repro)

Scratch (vintage repro)

The Seagull (National Actors Theatre)

Seesaw (vintage)

Secret Garden

The Selling of the President (1972) repro

Seussical (tryout) repro

Seventeen (1951) repro

Seventh Heaven (Repro)

70 Girls 70 (Original) (Repro)

1776 (Original

Shangri-La (vintage, 1956)

She Loves Me (1963 Broadway) - repro

She Loves Me (Pre Broadway, repro)

Shenandoah (John Cullum, original cast, 1975) repro

Shinbone Alley (1957, repro)

Shine It On (San Francisco, Liza Minnelli) - repro

Shirley Valentine (1989, Ellen Burstyn) repro
Shoestring '57 (1957 off-Broadway, 14"x 24") repro

Show Boat (repro based on original sheet music)

Show Boat


Side Man (original, photo repro)

The Silent Knight (London, 1938) repro

Silk Stockings (Repro)

Sister Act (with credits, repro)

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Skyscraper (Julie Harris, vintage repro)

Sleuth (Repro)

Smile (1986, repro)

Solitaire / Double Solitaire (1971) repro

Something Wild in the Country (1957, AKA Orpheus Descending) repro

Song of Norway (1945) repro

The Sound of Musical)

The Sound of Music (Original, Photo Repo)

The Sound of Music (Original, Mary Martin) (Repro)

Split Second (1984) repro

Starlight Express

Stars in Your Eyes (repro)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band... (1973 Stage Show)- repro

Stop The World -I Want To Get Off (1962 color version previously released only as a 3-sheet) - repro

Stop the World I Want to Get Off (original, repro)

Strange Interlude (vintage, repro)

Streamers (1976, Mike Nichols) - repro

Street Scene (vintage, repro)

A Streetcar Named Desire (Original, Repro)

A Streetcar Named Desire (1950 revival, Anthony Quinn) - repro

The Streets of New York (Original Repro)

The Student Gypsy (1963, repro)

Subways Are For Sleeping

Sugar (Repro)

Sunset Blvd (Glenn Close, repro)

Superman (Red-Superman) repro

Superman (Red - Cassidy) repro

Superman (Over Metropolis) - repro

Superman (1966, yellow version) repro

Sweeney Todd (Revival - Photos) repro

Sweet Charity (original, Gwen Verdon)

Sweet Charity (1967 tour, Chita Rivera) repro

Take Me Along (1959, Jackie Gleason) repro

A Taste of Honey (vintage)

Teddy & Alice (Repro)

Tenderloin (repro)

Texas, Little Darlin' (repro)

They're Playing Our Song (LA premiere, repro)

Thoroughly Modern Millie (Broadway, repro)

Three Penny Opera (Original, Repro)

There's A Girl In My Soup (1967) repro

Tickets, Please! (1950 revue) repro

A Time For Singing (vintage)

The Time of Your Life (1939, repro)

Titanic (1999 national tour) - repro

To Broadway With Love (1964 World's Fair) repro

Too Many Girls (1939, repro)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1952, repro) National tour

Top Banana (Phil Silvers, 1951, repro)

Touch and Go (London, repro)

Tovarich (repro)

Two By Two (Original)

Two on the Aisle (vintage)

Two Gentlemen of Verona (repro)

The Unsinkable Molly Brown (vintage, 1960)


The Vamp (Carol Channing, tryout version) – repro

Victoria Regina (London, 1937) repro

The Visit (2008, Washington DC, repro)

Visit to a Small Planet (1957, repro)

Wildcat (Repro)

We Take the Town (Repro)

West Side Story (Original) (Repro)

West Side Story (Original, red) (Repro)

What Makes Sammy Run? (Repro)

Wait Until Dark (Original, Lee Remick)(Repro)

Waiting for Godot (1988, Steve Martin) - repro

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf (original, repro)

Where's Charley (1950 national tour) repro

Where's Charley? (Ray Bolger, Original Repro)

Whistle Down the Wind (Cancelled Broadway Production) - repro

Whoop Up (1958) -(repro)

Whoopee! (1930 film version, Eddie Cantor) - repro

Whoopi Goldberg (1984) - repro

Wildcat (Repro)

Wish You Were Here (1952, repro)

Wisteria Tree (Helen Hays, vintage)

The Wizard of Oz (Dallas Summer Musicals) repro

The Wiz (Majestic Theatre) repro

The Wiz (original, repro)

Woman of the Year (Lauren Bacall, repro)

Wonderful Town (Carol Channing) – repro

Wonderful Town (Rosalind Russell, vintage repro)

Working (Original) (Repro)

The World of Suzie Wong (1958, Broadway, William Shatner) - repro

Wrong Mountain (2000, repro)

The Yearling (vintage, 1965)

You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown (revival, pre-Broadway tryout)

Yours, Anne (vintage)

Ziegfeld Follies of 1957 (Bea Lillie) repro

Zorba (Repro)

The Zulu and The Zayda – repro