What does it mean when "Best Available" appears next to an item?
As windowcards are produced as advertising items, sometimes there may be minor flaws in the condition of the poster. You will be sent the best available copy at the time of your order.
Why are some items much more expensive than others?
Theatrical windowcards are generally produced in a smaller quantity than most posters one would purchase. If the item is out of print, or available in very limited quantities the price rises. There could be fewer than two or three copies available, which is reflected in the price.
If I don't see an item in your inventory, does it mean it is completely unavailable?
Absolutely not. Some items are not listed in our general inventory because the quantities are so low. Even if an item is unavailable, it is likely that it can be obtained through photographic reproduction. You can always email or call in a request to us.
What is a repro?
Repros are a custom, made-to-order process which is used when there are no longer any original posters left for a particular show. The poster is reproduced, full color, full size (14 x 22 inches).

It is important to note that repros require up to 7 days processing time prior to shipment.

As repros are made-to-order, all sales are final on these items-there are no returns.
Do you frame items larger than 14 x 22 inches?
Do you sell gift certificates?
Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased in any denomination by calling 212 765 2472.
What is a "windowcard"?
A windowcard is a 14 x 22 inch standard Broadway show poster. They are referred to as cards, as they are generally printed on cardstock paper. They are all shipped flat.
What is a "one-sheet"?
A one-sheet is a theatrical poster printed on paper larger than 14 x 22 inches. One-Sheets come in a variety of sizes, from 20 x 30 up to 27 x 41. They are all shipped rolled.
What is a "three-sheet"?
A three sheet is a theatrical poster which measures anywhere from 42 x 60 inches (3 1/2 x 5 feet) to 42 x 84 inches (3 1/2 x 7 feet). These are often referred to as subway posters, as they are often used to advertise the shows at various subway and train stations throughout New York.

Most three sheets are printed on two pieces of paper, so they have to be joined prior to framing or hanging. They are all shipped rolled.